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Developer: Applicure Technologies
Specifications: 1. License Registration via dotDefender: To streamline and simplify the current download and installation process, a license file will be sent via email for completing, during the installation process of dotDefender. 2. Improved Auditing: Zero performance impact while auditing full change details according to PCI requirements 3. Alert Severity: Alerts are now assigned severity level scores according to the danger the attack poses on the system 4. Rule Weights: Rules are now assigned weights to define order of rule processing. For instance, you can now apply a "deny-all-by-default" policy, consequently allowing small exceptions through, on a per-need basis 5. PCI-Compliant User Management: In compliance with PCI regulation, a unique user group is created to include dotDefender administrators, allowing separation of roles between system administrators and website security administrators. This feature satisfies the PCI requirement for least-privileged user accounts 6. Active-Directory User Management: dotDefender offers full support for Microsoft�?�® Active Directory in order to identify administrators 7. Fully Automatic Upgrades: dotDefender upgrades to version 3.85 without any need for user intervention 8. Performance Monitoring: dotDefender's security policy performance may now be assessed "on the fly" using real-time statistics
Requirements: IIS 5.x/6, MSXML 6.x
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server 2008
Price: $1810
License: Free to try
Version: v3.85
Downloads: 5263

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Update : 11:30pm – friends went home, I’m a bit drunk… but ready to start with the real challenge ! See all new features Applicure Technologies WebSite: Company Information: 2009 softwaresea.Com All rights reserved. . . . .

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The dotDefender Web site protector comes with a predefined set of internet security rules for out of the box best practices website protection. This is what I did to “bust Ghost” : A portscan against revealed only one open port: tcp/80 (http), serving a webpage that looks like this : Apparently the person/people who set up this box, tried very hard (not hard enough though) to make it look like an MS IIS server : On top of that, they planted all kinds of “slow down”/fake exercises (such as a nice script file called “javascript”, basically randomizing the selection of pictures)), and used some nice redirection techniques to make directory/file bruteforcing a real pain. Whether you use a laptop or desktop, it is mandatory to use a web browser to access web or download files.

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IT pros should follow Microsoft’s guidelines for optimal Windows 10 security, but they should also take a look at what those … Now you may close all windows and reload the dotDefender GUI.              It looks like code can be injected (header.Inc.Php file) and it would run on the webserver. (Header.Inc.Php is added to the request automatically, so if I host some code in a file called header.Inc.Php, it would get included by just pointing the parameter to the root of the webserver. Unfortunately, some of the things that make Microsoft’s IIS so appealing are also some of the issues that anyone using it needs to be aware of.

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