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If you don’t have an SMTP server, just use direct-send. Atomic Mail Sender is skilled high-performance mass electronic mail program for your email marketing strategies. Get your message look great in all the major email clients with our free email templates. You can use the form below to submit your own serial numbers. It offers you the opportunity create and send many e-mails to any number of recipients.Bulk sending is frequently used by electronic mail entrepreneurs like a technique for regular interaction.

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Note: You can activate the test mode by using the test=1 parameter. For example, the software can use its own internal database, but it can also connect to an existing external database or pull recipients directly from your address book.

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Arguments: label_name — the name for the label you’re adding Request example: https://atompark.Com/api/email/3.0/addLabels?Key=public_key&sum=control_sum&label_name=lebel 3  Response  Method delLabels() is used. If the method call succeeds, the object will contain a “result” field, the content of which depends on the call method, and won’t contain an “error” field. Manage your recipients, add, edit, remove recipients addresses and extra fields. This software is Professional high performance email marketing program for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop.

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In today's Internet marketing strategies, being on search engines is not enough: sales are a matter of trust. As a matter of fact, the more expansive an email marketing campaign is the more complicated and hard to manage it is going to be.

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Integrating mailing list Opt-in, double Opt-in (closed loop) subscription features in your website: SendBlaster is a light and cheap Email Marketing program. WordPress email marketing is a fast way to hot start your website… Atomic Mail Sender is usually a efficient mass electronic mail sender for mass email marketing, but a bulk e mail sender is needed for sending email messages, so in relation to monitoring the outcome and taking actions based on them, it is important to work with an e mail tracker. Arguments: name — address book name (title) Request example: https://atompark.Com/api/email/3.0/addAddressbook?Key=public_key&sum=control_sum&name=BOOK_NAME  Response: The response will contain: addressbook_id — address book ID. Also, monitor and receive your bulk email sending results within the program!

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It allows you to spread information about your products or services to a large audience in a short period of time. Analyze the effect of a word spoken from a stranger…

Bulk Email Sender 2.0.0

Discover the bulk mailing software free download which allows you to easily manage your mailing list using a desktop bulk email software. The built-in SMTP server also solves the problem of an ISP not allowing their SMTP server to be bypassed and this is done through relay mode. What differs from a standard Email tool is that it does not need any specific configuration: 1) It … Smith…” Instead of the unfriendly “Dear customer…”.

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Import and export contacts easily through: Different sending options: Other features: Speed is everything, which is why this bulk mail sender is the fastest that can be found on the market, utilizing up to 500 simultaneous connections. MB The most effective template editor for emails, and the only software that generates HTML responsive newsletters for a perfect rendering of all mail clients. No obligation, super easy to cancel and keep Mass Email Sender forever, no charge. Arguments: id — address book ID email — e-mail address to operate with status – 0 – block address, 1 – unblock address Request example: https://atompark.Com/api/email/3.0/changeEmailStatus?Key=public_key&sum=control_sum&id=2161&[email protected]&status=1  Response  Method delEmail() is used.