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Developer: Specialized Business Solutions
Specifications: Version 8.00.38 includes PCI PA-DSS v3.1 validation, full EMV integration, NFC/smartphone support, and an optional eCommerce integration with 24Seven Commerce.
Requirements: None
Limitation: 70-80 transaction trial
Operation system: Windows 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $1895
License: Free to try
Version: v7.15.68
Downloads: 2619

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The file names are ExtStrt.Log, ExtEnd.Log and ExtAbrt.Log (for Extract) and SMrgStrt.Log, SMrgEnd.Log, and SMrgAbrt.Log (for StoreMrg). Keystroke POS software is time-tested over 20 years and proven reliable for thousands of successful businesses just like yours.

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The toolbar can still be set to “Locked Off” by including the setting in the toolbar. *FIXES* – AR – ROA Payments – The Invoice SubNumber (a letter when using Sales Orders) was not being saved with ROA payments. When a toolbar file is selected, the program will switch to using that toolbar file name (if the file does not already exist in the data directory, it will be copied from the standard files directory at this time). – Menu Font Size – “Normal” uses the font size set by Windows, “Small” is 20% smaller, “Large” is 20% bigger and “XL is 50% bigger. “Scaled with Window Size” will base the size on the Keystroke Window size.

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All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their companies. 09/30/14 – v7.15 Build 57 *NEW FEATURES / CHANGES* DBM – CLERK DATABASE – Program will no longer allow the current clerk to be deleted or hidden. When all products have been entered or scanned, the payments tendered option displays the list of available tenders. Corky employee was Keystroke Advanced POS 7.15.75 and patch to crack spinozism.Intensively exact spice was the diploic parsee. TO=, SUBJECT=) and then strip this data out of the print job so that only what is following the email instructions is sent as the message (body) part of the Email.

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That’s why we offer WebSafe, CountEasy, and CCI machines. A retail billing inventory POS software which is ideal for small business operators who … TRN – Print Buttons – If an error occurs while trying to print a form, then the program will ignore the Print and Continue parameter and stop on the Save button so the clerk can have a chance to try and print again. STR – INVENTORY UPDATE – Added a parameter to be able to turn off the updating of the Inventory Max Qty field.

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REPORTS – INVENTORY DATABASE – If grouped by is set, the report will run a bit faster as it now checks if the item matches the “Group By” setting before spending any additional time loading/analyzing the record. – SECTION NAMES – On reports that have Customer/Contact or Vendor information available from a transaction being reported on will now label that section as TransCustomer, TransContact and TransVendor to help avoid confusion where another section could already be name Customer/Contact or Vendor. – RANGE – The Range fields on reports only accept up to 12 characters. If this is on, the program will print the “continued” message and go to the next page and continue printing from the top of the new page (it will not reprint the Header section as it does normally). A lookup option at the top of the sales entry screen allows users to quickly query the system for inventory, department, customer, vendor, clerk, and location data. Also added support to display the list by Company Name and Rep Last Name. – ADDING RECORDS – The program was sometimes requiring a new blank record to be saved since some numeric fields would show as having been changed when they had not. – SEARCH AND REPLACE – The program was not allowing some fields to be updated (for example Customer-Email). – INVENTORY – SCRIPTS – If adding a new inventory item, the program will now prompt to save the record before bringing up the Scripts function. – CONTACTS – When adding/editing Contacts and switching between data screens, information entered on one screen was not being copied to the other screen unless it was first saved.

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It now used the Alert Text color from the Custom Program Elements colors list (instead of always being a dark red color). *IMPORTANT FIXES* – POR – MultiStore Orders – Automatically setting the Qty was not working correctly with Store 0. – POR – MultiStore Orders – AutoOrder – Was only working with Matrixed Items. – POR – MultiStore Orders – If an item's Allotment List had Store 0 as the first store, then the allotments were not being saved for future reporting or editing (but the individual store Purchase Orders were still being created correctly). *OTHER FIXES* – KSR – Inventory Analysis – The “Analysis Totals – Calculated” fields were always blank (or 0). 11/05/14 – v7.15 Build 59 *NEW FEATURES / CHANGES* —-AR DISABLED—- CNF – PARAMETERS – Added the parameter “Disable Credit Payments (AR Module)”. If the vendor number entered/selected does not have a Catalog file, then the program will prompt to create one. (Note: Normally these files will be created through the Keystrok Importer module, see below.) The “Existing” button can be used to select the vendor from a list of the available files. *OTHER CHANGES* CNF – Appearance – If a setting is set back to its default, the entry in the WS.INI file will be removed.