Keystroke Advanced POS Cracked 8.00.38

Developer: Specialized Business Solutions
Specifications: Version 8.00.38 includes PCI PA-DSS v3.1 validation, full EMV integration, NFC/smartphone support, and an optional eCommerce integration with 24Seven Commerce.
Requirements: None
Limitation: 70-80 transaction trial
Operation system: Windows 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $1895
License: Free to try
Version: v8.00.38
Downloads: 1164

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Keystroke POS Version 7.15 Read Me

From the start, the goal was to deliver the most adaptable POS systems to customers. This would cause data corruption to the record it over wrote and, if that file was packed, the ROA payment would appear twice in the correct file. *FIXES* – CNF – AUDIT – Security Levels – Audit entries were not being created when security levels were changed. – POR – LINE ITEM ENTRY – ITEM NOT FOUND – If “Cancel” was selected (or the [Esc] key was pressed) from the Item Not Found message box, the program was not resetting some of the internal values for the line item (like the current field, the Inventory Record Number, and some flags).

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If set, then the TimeClock function will be disabled/hidden. KSR – Cues – If a report group has a Report Settings that cannot be found, a message will be displayed saying so. 06/12/15 – v7.15 Build 74 *NEW FEATURES / CHANGES* KSR – Clerk Database – Changed the Clerk Calculated field list to have CLKC: First+Last name as the first field and CLKC:Commission Table Name as the second field so the reports that can be grouped by Clerk or Customer can use this same field to show the Clerk's Name or Customer's Name. *FIXES* – CNF – Export – Scripts – Was not working if system did not have the old KSRPT.KRF file which had the format for the Export-Script settings screen. – IMP – Setup – The Import File field was only accepting 40 characters (The max is now 128 characters). – DBLISTS.EXE – Was not working with UNC paths (\Server instead of F:). – TRN/AR – Encrypted Card Swipes – Cards that included Track 3 data (e.G.

Sales Manager – The Point of Sale – see details & screenshots

TRN – MWGENIUS – Manually Entered Cards – The Name, Address, and Zip fields will now default to information from the customer's record. Copyright 2016 nbsystems.Com, All Rights Reserved.

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For this version (v7.15) most of these conversion are minor and quick but do make the files incompatible with previous versions. TRN – MWGENIUS – Force Duplicate – Changed the processing of payments to always check for duplicates.

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Report criteria is easily set up for each report, including customers, transactions and grouped by criteria. Note that that [Alt+S] can also be used to display the list and then the hotkey for one of the sorts can be pressed. This allows the EBT amount to be set by entering a new payment amount. – TRN – EBT – MagTek IPAD / IDTech Sign&Pay – If a card needed to be entered manually for EBT, the program was asking for it to be entered on the screen (which does not work due to encryption) instead of on the PIN Pad device. – TRN – EDIT TRANSACTION WITH SCRIPTS – If editing a transaction that had items added with scripting, changing the qty on the main item was not updating the qty on the items added by it. The versatility of Keystroke Advanced POS runs circles around other POS software packages – including market-specific custom solutions costing thousands of dollars more. TRN – IDTech Sign&Pay PIN Pad – Now allows manually entered EBT cards.

Keystroke Point of Sale System

STARTUP (AO) – Added the new startup switch: “VendorCatalogsDir=”. Managers can also track information such as contacts, birthday, credit information, and discounts assigned to each customer. It will also check against the current list on the inventory item as well as any serial numbers already entered on the transaction for the same item. If this is turned on, then the program will not stop and warn/prevent the use of a driver's license that has expired. It provides a database for stock and customers and an intuitive EPOS…