Keystroke Advanced POS Cracks 7.15.75

Developer: Specialized Business Solutions
Specifications: Version 8.00.38 includes PCI PA-DSS v3.1 validation, full EMV integration, NFC/smartphone support, and an optional eCommerce integration with 24Seven Commerce.
Requirements: None
Limitation: 70-80 transaction trial
Operation system: Windows 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $1895
License: Free to try
Version: v7.15.75
Downloads: 1277

Download Keystroke Advanced POS Cracks 7.15.75

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Customer Service

Users can easily track vital inventory data such as general inventory movement, and inventory history, which tracks both best and worst selling products. This requires a conversion to the both the Customer and Contact data files.


AR – MWGENIUS – Added support for using the MWGenius device to accept payments in Accounts Receivable. The default settings in Keystroke use these Color Names so that the colors in Keystroke will match those of other programs used on the computer. – NAMED WEB COLORS – This is a long list of colors commonly used by web sites and other programs (with a few additional colors added to it). It is better to use a graphic as the background on the form. – PRINT BUTTONS – Increased the maximum length of a Print Buttons name from 16 to 32 characters. (This required a conversion of the FORMS.DAT file). – FORMS PRINTING – Output Filename – Added support for tokens %M (Machine Number) and %R (Register Number) in the port name of a printer when printing a form. Also added a new tag for toolbars in the toolbar file – [Locked] if set to true then the toolbar will not be closed when a button on another toolbar is pressed (the Keyboard toolbar should have this tag).


TRN – The Payment List will not include those with their “Type” set to “Credit”. A robust feature-set to accommodate many Different types of retailers. Also changed the text field to handle up to 500 characters in case Card Swipe Protection is Disabled (it should not be). – TRN – ISC250 – If the device sent the card information to Keystroke at the same time that Keystroke was asking for an update on its status, the card information would sometimes be lost and Keystroke and the device could get out of sync (the device would usually say Unable to Authorize). 12/12/14 – v7.15 Build 63 *NEW FEATURES / CHANGES* CNF – Signature Capture – the “Display Signature on Screen” parameter is now always displayed since some PIN Pads (iSC250, MWGenius) will capture a signature even if the signature capture device is set to “None”.

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Property management software by SimplifyEm saves property managers and landlords time … Using the optional MultiStore module, users can manage data from multiple locations, including automatic data polling and consolidation. Easy to use, inexpensive, and full featured, Keystroke Express POS will run your retail store more efficiently for as little as 5.00 – with no monthly subscription cost. Help menu is worthless – tells you that you can, but not how.

Gazelle Point-of-Sale

HELP/SUPPORT – 4.75 Stars Help functionality is found throughout the product and all software updates and enhancements can be downloaded directly from the vendor’s website. KSPD0001.Dat). – CONTPRICE.EXE – Viewing the customer's database record ([F3]) was always showing some of the fields as blank even if they weren't (mainly address info). – STR – EDIT TRANSFERS LIST BOX – The Sort By buttons were not being displayed. Easy to learn and use – Intuitive – Flexible – Touch-Friendly Traditional pull-down menus, customizable Toolbars, browser-style Navigation Menus and native programmable Macros for frequent tasks. VENDOR CATALOGS – MultiStore – When copying an inventory item from a Vendor Catalog to the Inventory Database, if the Vendor Number matches with the new Vendor Number field on any of the Stores in the MultiStore Setup, then the program will keep the StockNumber of the item instead of creating a new one. Network compatible, Process Sales and Manage Inventory.

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Keystroke no longer waits to confirm that a message actually gets displayed. – TRN – ISC250 – Reset – The device was sometimes responding with an unexpected message when being reset, this would cause the reset function to take much longer. – TRN – IDTECH SIGN&PAY – Added code to force the destruction of an internal memory object in order to free up internal resources. – TRN – CHECK READER – Epson TM6000 – Changed the code used to request the check be read to align with the latest Epson ESC/POS standard (now ends the command with chr(0) instead of chr(48)). – PROD – The total cost of a production was being rounded in some places as Money (usually 2 decimal points) and in other places to 4 decimal points instead of to the Cost setting (which is usually 2 but may be set to 3 or 4 decimal points). Also, the new list has a separate entry for the Text color and the Background color instead of combining them together as it did before. 07/08/13 – v7.15 Build 30 *CHANGES* REPORTS – INVENTORY DATABASE BY DEPARTMENT – If there are a lot of inventory items and departments, then printing the Inventory Database report grouped by Deparment can take a long time.